Under the Ocean Game Review

Personally, the only Castaway-like games I ever really played were: Sims Castaway, Virtual Villagers, and The Villagers. But unlike Under the Ocean,  in those games, you’re basically taking care of a group of people so it’s more like Lost than the solo adventures of Tom Hanks and his inanimate buddy, Wilson. Needless to say the solo survival aspect of Under the Ocean intrigued me while its aesthetics and features hooked me. In terms of other games sharing the same genre, it has revamped some features in the game and for me personally, made them unique in its own way. I know that’s pretty vague so I’ll get on with the review for y’all you lovely readers.

First Impression and Gameplay

I am sorry Mr.BlueMan! I didn’t mean to hurt Yououuu

Pleasing to the eyes and ears this game is (Yoda voice)

I fire up the game and was greeted by a beautiful melody in the background. In my opinion, its serene yet melancholic which I think is perfect for the game. I know I can listen to it all day everyday. I was given 3 options to choose from: Base Game, Free Build, Random (New feature).

Possibly one of the prettiest mode selection interface I’ve ever seen 😡

3 Modes:

  • Base Game: Normal mode pretty much. You explore the island, craft and survive with the items you can scavenge and eventually try to get home.
  • Free Build: Go cray cray with building whatever the fudge sticks you want! You’re pretty much set in terms of materials. Think of the creative mode of minecraft except instead of having all the items in a nice window, the items in Under The Ocean basically gets dropped on your cranium. As you keep walking on, every new destination has a different mine of materials.

I hope you look forward for the next part of this review! I appreciate your response guys! Love you all!

Online poker myths that refuse to die

Could poker and especially online poker be one of the most misunderstood games in history? Many people think there is too much mystery, hype, and secrecy attached to this game when really it is all about getting the best hand. There is no esotericism surrounding online poker and there are many myths out there regarding poker and poker players.

Myth number one

Many people think that ace poker players bluff often. This may not always be true, though. Bluffing is fun and it is an important strategy but the best poker players do not bluff much more than regular ones.

Myth number two

Some people believe that they would have better luck if they change the site they play on. This won’t help at all: every online casino uses random number generators so it is unlikely that players would experience any real, testable luck at a particular casino.

Myth number three

There is a big concern that bots can play as well, or better than, humans. This is definitely not true for poker, though it may be true for games such as chess.

Myth number four

There’s a comforting phrase that many bust poker players have heard over the years – Don’t worry, everyone goes bust from time to time.

While the sentiments are good, the philosophy and accuracy behind it aren’t as good: not every poker player goes bust and not every player loses money with every game.

Myth number five

Have you ever heard someone say that they consistently lose when they play against a bad player? This is another one of those myths that refuse to die. It is not true that one’s luck can change for the worse when playing against a bad player.

Myth number six

It is truly unbelievable that there are still people who believe poker requires no skill whatsoever. Strategy and skill are what make poker the game it is. It isn’t possible to play a decent game of poker without invoking the strategy and skill twins.

Myth number seven

The best player always wins. This may be one of the nicest myths out there. The best player, just as the best athlete or the best debater, doesn’t always win. It’s probably unpalatable to the great poker players but if nothing else, it should give mediocre and bad players the hope they need to beat the great ones.