Bloggers Choice: Reus Game Review 3


I really super duper highly suggest you go through the tutorial before going through freeplay. First, you will not be able to play the other modes anyway until you play some of the tutorial first. Second, you will probably miss a lot of important information about the game’s mechanics that could ultimately help your settlers thrive such as taking advantage of symbiosis and specializations. Lastly, because the game can get complex, the tutorial will give you a nice breakdown of how the game works.

The Giants

You can pretty much see the influence Black and White 2 gave the game in terms of using Giants to do the Gods/Goddesses wishes. I want to make clear however, that that is pretty much where the similarities end. You will find in the interview that the game, and I am guessing the use of giants as well; was also influenced by this awesome short story animation (which was the inspiration of the game, you all should watch it). Now, couple things about these cute giants. First is that each giants have their own type of terraforming depending on what kind of giants they are, such as: Swamp, Ocean, Mountain, and Forest. The other thing is, you must have each giant work together to really help the settlers prosper in their civilization.

Here they are in case you guys want to see how they look like:

Mountain Giant

Mountain Giant! I just noticed he got photobombed here

As you progress in the game, your giants gain new aspects. Aspects are basically abilities that buffs up the floras, faunas, and minerals you plopped down  in a number of ways, such as giving it another trait. Ex: Enhancing a peppermint tree with the herb aspect would give it the food trait. Not only that, if you used the right aspect on whatever it is you are using it on, it may even give it the power of transmutation (you will read about transmutation below).