Bloggers Choice: Reus Game Review 2

First Impression and Gameplay


This opening scene made me aww…then it made me all grrr towards my fellow humans.

The Opening Scene


I want to talk about the opening scene first because I really think it is something worth watching. The art style for me was personally cute with its caveman/child-like drawings, but the story it conveys is a serious issue and I think, something to be seen because it is true. What I mean is, even though we do not really have giants magically terraforming the earth to help us, we ARE still hurting mother nature with our greed for the resource. I know I may sound like a hippie or tree hugger but we are over harvesting and overusing natural resources faster than the time earth can recuperate and as the opening scene shows, when civilizations get greedy, we do wage war against neighbors. I understand some people may say, well it is just an opening scene, calm the heck down. However, I really appreciate that it shows those things and the game’s mechanics covers that. It makes it more real for me.


Art style/Visual


Reus opted for a 2D side scrolling graphic style which I actually found lovely, clean, and refreshing. If you guys played that iPhone game called Goldfinger, it will remind you of that. I personally like it this way because you focus more on the game content than beastly graphics. Plus, just look at the Giants!!! I want one


I really hope they make little plushies because I would totally collect em’ all

My Personal Opinion Concerning The HUD and Font Size


This is my personal issue, maybe others also have it, but I find the font too small that it strains my eyes after a little bit. I do however like the game’s HUD because I find it informative yet it’s still clean. What I mean is that some complex games tend to overdo it with the information they try to cram on the screen and it can be overwhelming to new players. I’ve actually met people who quit the game they want to play just by staring at HUDs like that. Reus may not be complex to some, but the ones I’ve talked to who played the game told me it is, so this is something they probably appreciate. Another thing is, feel free to correct me if I missed it; is that there seem to be no indicator whether symbiosis and specialization is active or not. I only know it is because I try to remember how much each things originally gave (food, wealth, tech) and then I check if they’re higher. To those who have not played Reus, this may be confusing, but don’t worry I’ll break it down for ya in a bit.